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Mission Partners

Caring for God’s people, in different parts of the country and globe, is as important to Holy Trinity Church as the care we need to take for our local community.

Historically, Holy Trinity Church has always given a tenth of its income to support the work and ministry of other national and international organisations.

We currently support nine different organisations. Information about these organisations is regularly displayed on our Church Foyer display boards.

Our support to our Mission Partners is administered by Florence Thompson, our Mission Coordinator and we keep contact with each organisation through our Link People.  The following paragraphs provide a description of each organisation’s work, website link and the names of our Trinity Link People:

John and Vikki Wright

John and Vikki Wright, with their children, serve the Lord with YWAM in Arua (Uganda) and in Yei (Sudan).  YWAM reaches out to communities, sometimes with practical support, John initially working on a water project.  They are now, however, working to equip the ministry of local churches by providing training for leaders and for newer Christians.  In Arua, they have the vision of providing a much needed training centre and respite sanctuary for Christians in that fraught part of Africa.  We have welcomed visits from some of the Wrights’ Ugandan fellow-workers and some church members have enjoyed visiting YWAM there.  Daphne Ellis and Pam Wright are our Trinity Link Persons to John and Vikki.  For more information on the work and ministry of YWAM, check out their website Youth With A Mission.

George and Ann Todorov

George and Ann live and work in Varna, Bulgaria, where they have been working with local Christians to build Varna Baptist Church and Social Centre.  Chris and Trevor Dunnington have been out to the church throughout the build phase and have strong links with George and Ann. To help with the finishing touches for the dedication in summer 2008, a team of volunteers from Trinity went out – Chris, Trevor, Nigel & Hilary Andrews, Tim Booth, Armstrong Leworthy, Tony & Nikki Bates – the end result was great, but were they prepared for what was awaiting them? Trevor and Chris returned to Varna in 2009 and 2012, and in the summer of 2016 they went out with Nigel Andrews & Rev. Ian Blake to introduce Ian to the church & the Todorovs. Chris & Trevor hope to continue their visits every couple of years. For more information, check out the Varna Church website www.Church-Varna.com

The Church Pastoral Aid Society

CPAS is a leading Anglican evangelical mission agency working with churches, mainly in the UK and Republic of Ireland. We recognise that leadership is a key factor in the spread of the gospel, and therefore we are dedicated to developing effective leaders growing in Christ-like character at entry level in churches. Moira Wilson is our Trinity Link Person to CPAS.  For more information on the work and ministry of CPAS, check out their website Church Pastoral Aid Society.


Tearfund (The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund) works through local churches and Christian agencies – partners – across the world, to open up brighter futures for the world’s poorest communities.  Together they are helping people become all that God wants them to be.  Abi Gray is our Trinity Link Person to Tearfund.

For more information on the work and ministry of Tearfund, check out their website Tearfund.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

CSW is a human rights organisation specialising in religious freedom.  CSW works on behalf of those persecuted for their Christian beliefs and promotes religious liberty for all.  John Perret is our Trinity Link Person to CSW.
For more information on the work and ministry of CSW, check out their website CSW.

Overseas Mission Fellowship

OMF serves the church and takes the gospel to some 12 countries in East Asia.  They care for the uncared-for.  Sick people.  Alcoholics.  The exploited, abused, poor.  Prosperous but lonely.  Young and old.  Religious and non-religious.  Businessmen, students, factory workers and many others.  We support Wing and Yuko Lo, currently serving with OMF in Cambodia. Florence Thompson is our Trinity Link Person to OMF.  For more information on the work and ministry of OMF, check out their website Overseas Mission Fellowship.

Centrepoint Outreach

Centrepoint Outreach is a local Christian charitable organisation, working with and for homeless and vulnerable people, with social and economic needs, who come to us from all walks of life in the Boston area.  Anne O’Connor is our Trinity Link Person to Centrepoint.  For more information on the work and ministry of Centrepoint Outreach, check out their website Centrepoint Outreach.


The House of God on the Road – is an exciting initiative to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to young people in the Boston Area. This double decker bus seeks to support local schools and communities by providing a mobile youth centre/church. RoadHoG is the third project of Lincolnshire Youth Mission Ltd, and is working in partnership with Trinity, Boston Baptist, New Life, The Methodist church and the Holland East Deanery. David Acheson is our Link Person to the RoadHoG Bus Youth Project. The RoadHoG double decker bus has been completely transformed, and  schools are responding well to this resource. There are now 55 volunteers working on 7 bus teams visiting local parishes in afternoons and evenings as the RoadHog bus engages with young people. Funds have now reached 72% for the first 3 years. The project’s web site: www.roadhogbus.org.uk has up-to-the minute news.

Missionary Aviation Fellowship

We support Stewart and Michelle Ayling, currently serving with MAF in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Pam Mellor is our Link Person. For more information, please see MAF’s website at:https://www.maf-uk.org

For more information about our Mission Partners, please contact the Church Office

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