On the birth/adoption of a child

At this important time, it will be a privilege to help you celebrate and bring your child before God and into his family in an appropriate way. We make use of two services:

A service of Dedication, Thanksgiving and Blessing
This enables you to join us to celebrate, give thanks and ask God’s blessing on yourselves and your child.

Infant Baptism
This service is about the commitment and intention of parents to follow Jesus and, in being a regular part of the church’s life, raise children in a community of faith.

You will be given an opportunity to share how you became a follower of Jesus or be invited to take part in a course exploring what it means to be a Christian today.

You might find this video helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=254D9Qy8l_U&t=56s
Both these services take place within our main Sunday morning 10.30am service. Please collect a form and further information from the Church Office. There is no fee payable for a service of dedication or baptism.

Baptism and Confirmation

Since the earliest days of the Christian faith Baptism has been an act of initiation, the public declaration of a life given to God through Jesus. As we journey through life, we make various choices and decisions that have implications for our life of faith. Perhaps God is prompting you now to take a public step of commitment as you seek to follow his ways.

There are various options offered according to where you are in your spiritual journey. They are most commonly:

  • Baptism (including baptism by immersion)
  • Re-affirmation of Baptism
  • Confirmation

We would be happy to discuss with you to discuss what each service means and what might be appropriate for you.
For information as to how to proceed, please contact the Church Office as below:

Church Office:
Tel: 01205 310221
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