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Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage! Wedding

These days there are all sorts of places people can get married but we still think church is best!
A wedding in church implies acceptance of Christian standards of marriage and family life which are more demanding than those generally expected in society at large. 

Couples who wish to marry in church are therefore invited to discuss the matter in some depth with the Vicar, and marriage preparation classes are available. 

Individual consideration is given to requests for weddings where one or both parties are divorced.

Please bear in mind that at least one of you needs to live in the parish or to have what is called a ‘demonstrable connection’ with the parish – see www.yourchurchwedding.org and click on the ‘more churches to choose from’ link.

We will talk you through what is involved.

So if you would like to get married at Holy Trinity, then please contact the church office as below:
Church Office:
Tel: 01205 310221
Email: churchoffice@holytrinityboston.org.uk
For details of fees that are payable, please contact the Church Office.

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