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Home Groups

Home groups are an integral part of the life of Trinity and we would encourage as many people as possible to be part of one. Each group is different, but we encourage them all to run on the 4 ‘W’s principle:

Each group should be welcoming – this is not just about the time when folk arrive at a meeting but about being part of a group of people where folk feel loved and cared for on an ongoing basis, whether they be long-established or new members.

Group meetings should allow folk to worship God together in a more intimate setting than is possible in larger church gathering. This worship will vary from group to group.

Our home groups are more than just Bible study groups, but they are not less than this either. They should be places where folk encourage/help each other to go deeper with the Scriptures and so be shaped by them, both in terms of understanding and in living out their daily lives.

We want groups to be outward-looking, affording members appropriate opportunities for service in the community and for sharing their faith either individually or together.

When these 4 Ws are adhered to, then we believe that our home groups will be good, exciting, fun and challenging groups to which people want to belong, and we believe they will be ‘healthy’ – and if something is healthy, in God’s economy and by His grace, we believe it will naturally grow – which means that over time we hope our groups will multiply in number.

Home Groups usually meet every 2 weeks; most meet on a Wednesday evening, but there is a daytime group, and some meet on other days of the week.

If you wish to find out more, contact the Church Office

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