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Plastic pollution

Have you seen the news about plastic pollution?


Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean every year – damaging our oceans and harming wildlife.

Now, a government report has responded to the evidence by calling for the introduction of a UK-wide deposit return scheme for plastic bottles to help tackle the crisis. This is good news!

But the final decision rests with Environment Minister Michael Gove.

Please sign and share the Greenpeace petition asking your friends to take action on ocean polluting plastics!

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How does the deposit return scheme work?

The way it works is simple – you pay a little bit extra when you buy a drink in a plastic bottle, which you get back when you return it to be reused or recycled.

In countries that currently have these schemes, the amount of plastic that's returned can increase to as much as 95%.

Mary Creagh MP said: "Around 700,000 plastic bottles are littered in the UK every day. The introduction of a small charge to encourage the return of plastic bottles will result in less littering, more recycling and reduction in the impact of plastic packaging on our natural environment."

Earlier this year Scotland announced that they intend to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme – now we need England, Wales and Northern Ireland to follow their lead.

2017 has seen the issue of plastic pollution rocket to the front pages of national newspapers – with many politicians expressing their sadness and anger about the harm done to our oceans.

But whilst these sentiments are important, in order to create real change we need real action.

When hundreds of thousands of us signed the petition calling for a ban on microbeads, the campaign became so widespread that the government couldn't ignore us. Legislation banning microbeads comes into force in January. (See update link below)

Now we have the opportunity to show the government that they must urgently take action on the 35 million plastic bottles that are used and discarded daily in the UK.

Please ask your friends to sign the petition calling for deposit return schemes in the UK:

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