Ann Todorov writes news from Varna:

Firstly we give thanks to the Lord for His goodness and protection at this time. We praise the Lord that inspite of lockdown and very hard restrictions such as not using parks and police checkpoints everywhere to restrict travel our Prime Minister said he did not want to stand against God and churches across the country were and are allowed to remain open.

This is an amazing answer to prayer and although many evangelical churches decided to close for logistic reason (for example the worship halls were very small) . Our church has been able to remain open while continuing to do online services as we have been doing for many years.

Obviously we have had to make many changes such as removing most of the chairs and separating them with 2 meters apart and having the over 60’s in a geographically different part of the worship hall, wearing masks all the time in church (That is still the law),  gloves, disinfecting hands, not greeting each other or having fellowship after the services etc.  

The government discouraged people from going to church particularly over Easter.   Inspite of all this no-one became sick in our congregation for which we thank the Lord, no one has lost their job so far in our congregation and Varna has had NO deaths from covid19 and very few people have tested positive in Varna and relatively few in the country. Praise you Jesus!

Our Bulgarian equivalent to the Nightingale Hospital (except without any ventilators) is 5 mins walk from our home and was  home to the National Prayer Day last September (- you may remember my husband was with others leading this event). Praise the Lord – its EMPTY. 

We are so thankful to the Lord for the technical back up we already had in place in the church enabling hundreds of Bulgarians both nationally and internationally to watch services over many years, numbers obviously have increased during the pandemic. Thank you for being a part of this over the years and with your support having the technology to do this.   

Please pray with us for all the non-Christians watching us in Bulgaria and what we so desire as I’m sure you do is for the church of Christ to grow nationally and worldwide as people come to know Jesus.

Please do pray for the families with children who do not attend church at present for their faith to be strengthened and for them not to fall away.  As you I’m sure we are giving out food parcels to vulnerable people. One group for which we need your prayers are the foster families. We targeted a group that has no children and consequently no income during this time.

Please pray for the “captives” namely the orphans with mild disabilities who are “locked in” the local orphanage. These are babies and toddlers (stuck in cots) who need desperately to be cared for in families. In the next  two weeks  I expect to be summoned by Child protection as an advocate to help place the children with appropriate foster carers.   Another big thank you to the Lord that my husband has passed all his exams and now has to write a dissertation to complete his study.

Please pray for him to have the time to do this as his responsibilities and pressures of the ministry are even more than usual at this present time.  Last Thursday Pastor George was interviewed and shown on national television and able to share the faith and hope that is in us.  I continue my work in the care homes with the orphans that require physiotherapy. Some restrictions have eased here but many remain intact – however we are allow to exercise in parks now – if we have the time! But thank the Lord for that as I personally was devastated on 13th March when it was announced that the sea garden – 2 mins walk from our home would be closed.   Please convey our Greeting to all the fellowship at Holy Trinity.  

With love from Ann and Pastor George.