Stewart travelled to Dodoma for a meeting with the minister for labour to obtain permission for the new pilot to fly – this was the result.
“Unfortunately, I didn’t get a meeting again. However, we’re hopeful that our pilot and his family can stay for another 3 months. Basically, their visa ran out on Friday but we have been told they can begiven a further 3 months extension to pack-up providing they aren’t working for MAF. So, we were due to pay for that extension on Friday but their computer system was down, so we were told to come back on Monday! If it buys a further 3 months that will be good news. I realised last week that the minister for labour was actually not that interested in helping us and so we needed to have a different approach. So, we are trying to talk more with the regional health authorities to promote the work that we’re doing in the in villages. Hopefully once they are excited about our village clinics and what we could do for them in future, then we can get them to go to the Ministry of Labour on our behalf. I think it will be more effective to have another government department asking for us rather than just me begging. Ultimately if that works it should put MAF in a better position as an organisation also. That’s my theory anyway so we’ll see if it works out. Kirstein, our South African pilot is back from his home assignment at the end of next week so it will be good to have him back again after a couple of months away.”