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A range of Christian literature is available at Holy Trinity on Sunday mornings is the Bookshop. Need ideas for gifts for a Baptism? Would you like to read up on what you have heard that morning? Need to send a greeting card? Whatever your needs, gifts or teaching: Trinity Bookshop is the place to come! As you enter Holy Trinity, you can find the Bookshop on the right in the Lounge.

Also check the links page for other Christian Literature.


Trinity News

Produced every two months is our Community Magazine, "Trinity News". As well as this website and our weekly notice sheets, this magazine is our main way of communication with our larger community, especially with what is going on around the parish. Our magazine is edited by a team from Holy Trinity. Those involved are Mo O'Mara, Brian Newton & Ann Ashberry.

They welcome any articles of interest. Local businesses are also invited to use the magazine as a source of local advertising with a distribution of around 400 copies.

For more information about Trinity Bookshop or Trinity News, please contact the Church Office

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